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Newt remained curled in the chair. He held out his painty hands as though a cat’s cradle were strung between them. ‘No wonder kids grow up crazy. A cat’s cradle is nothing but a bunch of X’s between somebody’s hands and little kids look and look and look at all those X’s…’ ‘And?’ ‘No damn cat, and no damn cradle.’ (Vonnegut, 165-166)

“’One of the oldest games there is, cat’s cradle. Even the Eskimos know it. …For maybe a hundred thousand years or more, grownups have been waving tangles of string in their children’s faces’”(165). The cat’s cradle is a lie, just as Bokononism is a lie, just as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the baby-bringing Stork are lies. But what gives a lie truth? Kurt Vonnegut asks. What makes people want to believe in something they know to be false? For the islanders on San Lorenzo, Bokononism made an otherwise unbearable life liveable again. Believing in a fantasy gave them hope; for something better, for an escape, for an answer to all of their questions. (more…)


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